Should You Drive on Warm Pavement With Winter Tires?

You may be wondering if you should continue driving your vehicle with the winter tires still installed. At Wyoming Valley Kia, we do not recommend that you do this and here is the reason why.

Winter tires are constructed with softer rubber than all-season or regular tires and that means they will wear out faster on the warmer pavement of spring, summer and fall. In addition, some winter tires also have studs which will decrease traction on pavement even though they are intended to increase traction on snow and ice.

With all that in mind, it makes sense to switch out winter tires for all-season or regular tires once the threat of ice and snow is no longer a problem. Doing so is less costly in the long run because it will save on the life of the tire and accidents caused by inappropriate tires that will not hold the road as well will not be an issue.



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