Ways to Reduce Distracted Driving

Even the most well-intentioned and experienced driver can become distracted. A child's dropped toy, a playlist ending or a quick glance to check the map are all it takes to look away from the road and potentially cause an accident.

Think ahead about things you'll need for your trip before starting your car. Set GPS instructions, find your preferred entertainment, ensure your children have plenty of things to amuse them and open any snacks you plan on consuming. Preparation beforehand can cut down on distractions en route. If you encounter a problem that can't be solved without taking your eyes off the road, find a safe place to pull over before you answer that text or wipe up a spill.

For those tempted to text while driving, it might be best to turn off the cell phone until arriving at your destination to reduce temptation. Constantly scan the road ahead as well as checking side and rear view mirrors to monitor surrounding traffic to remain proactive while driving.



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