The Importance of Cleaning your Wheels and Tires

Cleaning your wheels and tire may not be at the top of your maintenance checklist for your vehicle, but you may want to reconsider that. Leaving brake dust on your wheels and tires can cause them to prematurely break down and degrade. The first thing the brake dust will eat away is the protective coating on your wheels and tires. This can further lead to serious pitting and degradation.

If you want to protect from this you will need to start cleaning your wheels and tires when you clean your vehicle. You are going to want to start with your wheels and tires when cleaning your vehicle, so you don't get brake dust and brake cleaner on your clean car. You also will want to use a high-quality wheel and tire cleaner to make sure you are protecting your wheels and tire for years to come.

If the task of cleaning your wheels and tires sounds a bit daunting, you can always take it to Wyoming Valley Kia. Our service department will be able to make sure your wheels and tires are well taken care of.



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