First Responders Need You to Move Over

Every experienced driver has encountered breakdowns, traffic stops and accident responses in nearby lanes. At Wyoming Valley Kia, we want to help drivers like you properly navigate these situations with respect to Move Over Laws.

South Carolina implemented the United States' first Move Over Law in 1996. Other states created similar laws in the years that followed. Now, some version of the original Move Over Law exists in all 50 states. Each state's law places similar expectations on you. When you see police officers, emergency responders or motorists stopped in any lane, you must leave a one-lane berth around them if possible. Alternatively, you most significantly reduce your speed.

Quite simply, Move Over Laws heighten every motorists' safety. Not following these laws may seem like no big deal, but every state seeks fines and other penalties from offenders. Before you drive in a new state, you should wisely search for its Move Over Law online.



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