Tire Markings Explained

Take the marking P245/45/Z/R19/98W as an example. The “P” tells you that the tire is for a passenger car. The 245 is the measurement in millimeters of the width of the tire from the sidewall on the front to the sidewall on the back. The number 45 represents the ratio of the height to the width of the sidewall. The height is then 45 percent of the 245 width.

”Z” indicates the speed rating or the maximum speed at which the tire can safely drive. “R” means the tire is a radial. The number 19 is the measure of the wheel diameter, which is needed to determine the size of the tire installed. The number 98 represents the maximum weight load the tire handles. The last letter, or in this case the “W,” provides the speed rating. This tire travels safely at a maximum speed of 168 mph. Whether you have a flat or need tire replacements, come see us at Wyoming Valley Kia.



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