The Right Way to Test Your Car's Battery

?In order to safely test the battery in your vehicle, you need to have a voltmeter, safety gloves, and protective eye-wear. Put on your glasses and gloves, open the car hood and clean off the terminals on the battery if you see any corrosion.
  • Once you have identified the positive and negative sides of the car battery, grab the voltmeter.
  • Put the voltmeter's red cable to the plus side of the car battery and secure the connection.
  • Put the voltmeter's black cable to the minus end of the car battery securely too.
  • Turn on the voltmeter, a reading at 12.4 or better is ideal and means the battery is good.
  • A reading at 12.2 or worse is the sign of a bad battery and means it is not going to be able to hold a charge.
Bring the car Wyoming Valley Kia and our technicians will inspect your car battery and replace it if needed.



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