Signs Your Exhaust is Leaking and Needs to be Serviced

​Being able to spot signs there is an issue with the car exhaust will wind up saving you a small fortune in repair bills in the future. Here are some things to look and listen for with a leaking exhaust system in your car.

Standing at the back of your vehicle, you are going to hear loud hissing or popping noises from the tailpipe if there is any type of leak in the exhaust. These sounds will be followed by a whistle sound that can be very high-pitched.

In order to feel a vibration that warns you of an exhaust leak, get inside the car and sit in the driver's seat with the car motor idling. Feel the gas pedal with your foot for a vibration, then grab the steering wheel and feel the seat itself.

Keep up service appointments at Wyoming Valley Kia so we can identify an exhaust issue early on.



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