5 Ways to Revitalize and Revamp Your Kia!

No matter what kind of Kia you drive, and whether it's nearly brand-new, or nearly ready to trade-in, here are 5 ways to make the most of what your vehicle has to offer, conveniently brought to you by our team of dedicated professionals here at the Wyoming Valley Kia service and parts center!


  1. Get Your Oil Changed: Getting your oil changed regularly is one of the simplest, but most important ways to keep your Kia running its best for years to come!
  2. Get Your Brakes Serviced: The brakes on your Kia are one of its most crucial components. They help you stop at stop signs and traffic lights, yield to oncoming traffic, and perform emergency maneuvers. Getting them serviced ASAP if they're screeching, taking longer to stop, or setting off the brake service light, is essential.
  3. Get Your Car Washed and Detailed: There's nothing like a car-wash or complete interior and exterior detail to make your Kia feel like it's brand-new again!
  4. Get Your Car Accessorized: Here at Wyoming Valley Kia, we're here to provide you all the accessories you could hope for to make the most of your car or SUV! Whatever accessories you want – from roof rails and cross bars to paint pens, to all-weather floor mats, we've got you covered!
  5. Bring Your Car In For a Tune-Up: If your vehicle is running rough or you feel like it needs a little TLC, bring it to the service center here at Wyoming Valley Kia for all the attention it deserves.


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The above suggestions are just five ways you can make the most of your Kia. Here at Wyoming Valley Kia, we could think of many more ways to help you make the most of your vehicle!

If you have any questions for us about any of the above suggestions – or just about anything else – don't hesitate to reach out to us! To schedule service, order parts or accessories, or seek further advice, give us a call at (570) 714-9924 today! Or, visit us in-person at 126 Narrows Road – Route 11 in Larksville, PA!

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