Understanding Your Transmission

Every vehicle on the road has a transmission, but many vehicle owners don’t understand what it necessarily does under the hood. The job of the transmission is to ensure that correct amount of power from the engine is provided to the wheels to achieve the desired speed. The transmission shifts gears to provide that power.

Being that the transmission contains moving metal parts, it utilizes fluid to lubricate, clean and cool its internal parts. Over time, the fluids break down and need to be replaced in the transmission to prevent damage. Your vehicle’s manual may recommend changing at given time or mileage intervals. As well, if you notice leaking fluid, a burning smell under the hood, harsh shifting or your check engine light on, it may be time for a transmission fluid change.

When it comes time to service your transmission, the service technicians at Wyoming Valley Kia have the experience and skill to get your vehicle back running in tip-top shape.
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