Signs Your Tires Need to be Replaced on Your Vehicle

If you are driving on tires that have the incorrect tire pressure, you will be putting your tires and your safety at risk. These are some of the signs the tires might need to be replaced soon.

If you drive your vehicle and the tire pressure is too low, what is happening when you drive is too much of the sides of the tire now contact the road. That area was not designed to touch the road, so friction and heat cause it to wear fast and even increase the risk of a tire blowout.

Driving your vehicle with too much air in the tires makes the car ride on the middle of the tread, balancing on the tread instead of cruising along on a flatter surface. That makes it harder to control your car at high speed or on wet roads.

If you see uneven wear on the tire tread, get over to Wyoming Valley Kia so we have the chance to see what is causing the trouble.
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